Making Movies shared gebrueder beetz filmproduktion’s post beetz filmproduktionTHE COLORS OF CHINA was today presented at Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes! ► a 90-min feature documentary and a 5-part TV series ► international co-production (China, Germany, New Zealand) ► directed by Emmy Award-winning Mike Single ► telling the stories of the five colors that are representing China's emotional, physical,…

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Making Movies shared a post.MEDIA RELEASE December 23, 2016 RIALTO CHANNEL NZ FILM AWARDS Announces Nominees After a hiatus last year, the nicknamed Moas are back in 2017 once again as the Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards. In a formal-yet-informal ceremony with an irreverent edge disguising a serious purpose, the Awards will recognise a wide…

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