Colours of China

Colours of China

Documentary, 5×43 + 1×90 + 1×40

  • Executive Producers: James Heyward / Weina Kong / Christian Beetz
  • Producers: Kirsteen Meyer-Beetz / James
  • Directors:  Jan Hinrik Drevs & Mike Single
  • Writers: Kirsteen Meyer-Beetz / Jan Hinrik Drevs / Marilyn McFadyen
  • Production Companies: Making Movies / CICC (China Intercontinental Communication Centre) / gebrueder beetz filmproduktion
  • Partners: ZDF/arte / New Zealand Film Commission / Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
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Five colours resonate through every layer of traditional and modern Chinese life representing emotional, physical, spiritual and directional forces. In the centre, is yellow, surrounded by blue for east, red for south, white for west and black for the north. Guided by these profoundly influential colours, the audience embarks on a visual and cultural journey to discover spectacular landscapes, moods, seasons and regions; unpacking the complex relationship between Colour and Chinese culture

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